Learning to Paint Again

I am Learning to Paint Again!

Lately, I have been learning to paint, except now I am using digital paint in Photoshop.

I was surprised by two things: First, I was pleased that some of my painting skills were coming back to me.

Secondly, I was surprised how much digital painting fel like traditional painting methods.

Although, It's a little harder to control the brush strokes in Photoshop, I can 'undo' mistakes. So far, I am not overthinking my art, but there is always that potential when creating in any art medium. 

Digital Painting Vs Digital Art

I had been using digital paint to add texture to my vector art, which was fun. In the photo attached, I have added a bit of snow and texture to my vector composition. 

Then in my next project, I made the leap to a composition made entirely with digital painting...and I loved it! I find it a bit more mindful or meditative than creating solely with vector art.

I still love the clean lines of vector art and will continue to do art in Illustration, or continue to explore a hybrid approach, where I will finish off a piece in Photoshop. 

Flexible Compositions

Digital painting has many of the same benefits of vector art. If you carefully place objects on different layers, you can still adjust their size and position in the composition.

Photoshop adjustments to the light and colours can be applied to specific layers, or to the whole piece. Again, this can lead to monkey mind but it also an additional creative tool. 

I love that there is creative flexibility in digital painting, with the freedom to explore creative expression offered by traditional painting mediums. I wonder if I will also impove on my traditional painting. I may have to give it a try.

Over the years I had tried to paint and could not re-connect with the paint brush, which was disappointing. I have had other creative outlets in the past. Now, my new obsession is definitely digital painting.

What's Next

I am not sure what I will paint next. I am looking forward to becoming more familiar with the digital painting medium. I look forward to sharing my future creations with you. 

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