About my shop

In 2020 I reopened my online shop and updated my look. When I first opened my shop in 2016, I sold hand-made jewelry. I closed my online shop because I sold more in person than online. Recently, my creativity has gravitated toward graphic design and illustration and I rebuilt my online shop.

While being laid off as a graphic artist at my local newspaper for 10 months, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, I had some time to think about my life purpose and how I can apply my artistic skills differently. I still like creating hand-made items, like my copper wire jewelry, but I really love the digital design process. I love the versatility and the endless possibilities. I apply my graphic design to print on demand products. I provide a range of products such as accessories, clothing, home d├ęcor, wall art and jewelry.
My main production partners are Art of Where, Printify, Gooten and Beeoux. All products that I apply my designs to are made in either Canada or the United states. Many of my designs are eco-friendly. Print on demand means that products are not created until an order is made, which also helps reduce excess production.

I continue to learn more and apply new techniques. My art is nature inspired but I also use it as colour therapy. I love a bold and colourful design! The name I chose for my shop is based on the word 'Saturnalia', which describes a celebration of nature. I hope that my designs inspire others to love nature and bring some uplifting colour into their homes.

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